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"EazyPaper is an inspired piece of work... I am even getting A's partially due to excellent formatting!"
Mark B.
MA English
Lacrosse University
"I now recommend EazyPaper to my doctoral students as it seems to be the best, if not the easiest, citation and referencing program I have yet to encounter."
Dr. Richard NeSmith
Professor of Education
Jones International University
"EazyPaper Pro worked beautifully. I was able to finish my paper in record time."
Annie B.
Masters in Education
"I must say, EazyPaper has the quickest response time I have ever seen for any on-line organization; I'm very impressed."
Byron Koop
Assistant Principal
"EazyLibrary works great and I was able to finish my essay in a snap! Your program works miracles."
Tiffani B.
Utah State University
"Hey, from someone who has typed over 500 papers, I want to say that I really appreciate this product. The $150 was a BARGAIN!!"
Greg Bullard
Philosophy Student
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EazyPaper 8.7
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Download these optional addons after you finish these installation steps:

- download EazyPaper addon
- download Firefox addon
  • 1. Two “Security Warning” popups will appear.

  •   Click "Run" for both popups.
  • Figure 1. First "Security Warning" popup window
  • Figure 2. Second "Security Warning" popup window
    (after download completes)
  • 2. The "EazyPaper Installer: License Agreement" popup window will appear.

  •   Click the "I Agree" button.
  • Figure 3. "EazyPaper Installer: License Agreement"
  • 3. The "Congratulations" popup window will appear. Click the "Yes"
  • button and watch the EazyPaper demo. You will learn helpful tips for using EazyPaper.

  •   Click the "Yes" button.
  • Figure 4. "Congratulations" popup window
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