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  • download EazyPaper
EazyPaper 8.0
system requirements

Download these optional addons after you finish these installation steps:

- download EazyPaper addon
- download Firefox addon
  • 1. Two “Security Warning” popups will appear.

  •   Click "Run" for both popups.
  • Figure 1. First "Security Warning" popup window
  • Figure 2. Second "Security Warning" popup window
    (after download completes)
  • 2. The "EazyPaper Installer: License Agreement" popup window will appear.

  •   Click the "I Agree" button.
  • Figure 3. "EazyPaper Installer: License Agreement"
  • 3. The "Congratulations" popup window will appear. Click the "Yes"
  • button and watch the EazyPaper demo. You will learn helpful tips for using EazyPaper.

  •   Click the "Yes" button.
  • Figure 4. "Congratulations" popup window
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